Making a difference in Prestwick


As an independent, family-owned business, we believe in making a positive impact in Prestwick.
To date, we have donated to several local charities and we are keen to support good causes wherever possible.

This year we are introducing a Prestwick Community Bursary of £6000 and we’d like to invite local charities, community groups and organisations to apply for a share of this fund. If we can make a difference, please let us know some key details.

While we can’t help everyone, we will carefully consider each application. Thanks again for making us a hub of the Prestwick community.


Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis in May/August/November/February and successful applicants will be notified within the first two weeks of these months. We are now accepting applications for Q3.

Terms & conditions apply. Accepting beneficiaries will be required to consent to Buzzworks and/or their individual promoting this online and in press.